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In Production

In Production



A survivor of the apocalypse starts broadcasting on an abandoned radio station, discovers other people, then remembers why they hated other people


Radio Zed has wrapped on its first season, with the remaining epsiodes slotted to air between September 2014 and December 2014. Season Two will begin production in January 2014.


A web series that chronicles the events five years prior to Radio Zed, exploring the Fall through a series of short vignettes.


We have aired the first three vignettes, with two more in post-production with expected air dates of September and October, 2014, which will complete The Fall: Series One


Series Two is slated to go into production Sping 2014.

In Pre-Production


In Pre-Production
Flufferz & Tubberz: The Best Cat Detective Agency in the History of the World, the Universe and the Internet

You’d be surprised the kind of crime that can happen in a nice suburban home. But never fear, because this home has Flufferz and Tubberz, who are always ready to take the case—whether it be The Case of the Empty Food Bowl or the Mysteriously Disappearing GreenTree of Present-time. They may not solve it (naps often interrupt the process) but they’ll be on it!


Flufferz & Tubberz is currently being storyboarded and we plan on moving into animation Fall 2014.

3 a.m.

You know that hour? The one after the bars close, but before you actually head home? The one filled with after-hour clubs, over-crowded taxis, and greasy food? Well, our new reality series aims to capture 3 a.m. in all its glory, showcasing the hottest, hippest places to go after last call.


3 a.m. plans on going in production Fall 2014.

In Development



At the Golden Gate Theatre, it’s always thirty minutes to places for one of their productions, and for Darcy Merrill and her production team it’s a daily struggle with egos, dramas, romances, bad romances, walkouts, rewrites and the occasional request for a miracle. And yet, somehow, no matter what, the show goes on.


In the space where quantum physics and myth collide, worlds stand shoulder to shoulder. There are those who can cross between. Some to harm, some to help. Some to protect. Some to defend. Gwendolyn Parks just discovered her hidden heritage, and now she has to decide: to help the world that has never helped her, or to, once again, run and disappear? 

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